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Personal development and stress management

I offer support to individuals or groups in important life or career transitions, by teaching them to know themselves better and to master daily stress.

Who is it for?

This coaching is for all those who wish to:

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My mission as a school and orientation coach is to help young people discover their personal resources, find their own way of working and achieve their goals on their own.

Who is it for?

This coaching is mainly aimed at pupils and students from the age of 12, to:

What is the difference between school coaching and tutoring?
School coaching is not tutoring or homework help. Where a private teacher helps the young person to learn specific subjects, the coach builds on the young person’s potential to strengthen his or her motivation and improve his or her working methods, timetabling and stress management.
What is the difference between orientation coaching and skills assessment?

Orientation coaching goes beyond a simple skills assessment. An assessment is generally based on tests prepared by experts, whereas career coaching adopts active listening allowing the young person to discover his deep aspirations and manage to make choices that correspond to his values and talents.

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Walking Coaching

I offer a coaching formula oriented towards well-being and change, achieved through walking in the open air. Walking coaching combines movement with thought, action with reasoning, connects breath and emotions, and develops concentration for reflection and important decisions.


Often, when our mind is cluttered with thoughts, it is the body that pushes us to move. So, whether by necessity or by chance, we find that walking can help us to release tension and bring order to the chaotic flow of our thoughts.

Walking is an ancient practice and, in many traditions and cultures it is associated with thinking: we meditate, reflect, breathe in silence and sometimes make decisions while walking. And then, of course, we converse, share ideas and experiences as we walk.

Walking coaching is an effective and relaxing way to refocus on oneself and identify possible solutions to personal and professional problems. Thinking combined with movement helps you to think outside the box, to find effective strategies to pursue your goals.

Who is it for?

For anyone looking for a dynamic approach, combining the benefits of walking and coaching to:

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